365 Days in the Gallery – 4/12/12

We have the most exquisite locally handcrafted jewelry and it’s flying out of here today.  We’ve also been infilling our pull-out panels with paintings and collages, and loading our shelves with new art pieces, including some delightful birdhouses by Debbie Leahy.  On the wall above where I’m typing is a large mixed media piece by Cynthia Herron entitled “Blue Fog”, which strikes a balance between vibrant and subtle colors, patchwork and free-form shapes, pattern and image.  This and many of our other works can rented or put on layaway.  Just one more way to find enrichment here at Bush Barn.

The 2012 Young Artist’s Showcase and the Teaching Artist’s Showcase will knock your socks off and carry a tissue when exploring the newly-installed “Art and Poetry: Hillcrest”  show.  Trust me.


Robin Cunningham, Volunteer and on-call staff

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