365 Days in the Gallery – February 11, 2012

Hi there! I’m Dia.

For the record, I did not approve this photo.



    On Fridays and Saturdays, I emerge from hiding in the back office to spend time with our visitors in the galleries.  I like to put on jazz while I work on various projects and talk with our guests.  You should come by and visit!


Our current exhibit in the Camas Gallery is a fascinating one.  Titled CONSTRUCT: Icons and Arche­types, it is a group exhibition that focuses on man-made structures and the symbolism with which  they and the spaces surrounding them become imbued, especially when the human form is absent. A friend and I were discussing earlier whether or not it would be more accurate to say “the absence of presence” or “the presence of absence,” and we never quite came to a decision. Come tell us what you think!

CONSTRUCT: Icons and Arche­types

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