365 Days in the Gallery- May 16, 2012

The Radius 25 exhibition is open in the AN Bush Gallery with the theme of “Face to Face” and lasts until June 23rd. Some people might think “oh well, I have plenty of time to see this exhibiton so I’ll wait.” Well DON’T WAIT because this carefully juried show features fantastic art that will be gone before you know it. The exhibit is called Radius 25 because it is open to all artists that live within a 25 mile radius from the city of Salem. With a theme like “Face to Face” you might think it’s just portraits and heads, but artists were free to interpret “Face to Face” however they wished in any medium they wanted and the results made for an eye-opening interpretation and mediation on what this phrase means.

While there are a number of works that feature faces and people, they could be interpreted as portraits of a scene rather than a portrait of a person. The painting “Park Blocks At Powell’s” makes a viewer think about the situation being depicted and the possible interaction of the figures.

There is also a selection of works that might make you think “what does this have to do with Face to Face?” and that could be the intention of the artist- to make the viewer think and expand the definition of the phrase “face to face.” Two photographs from angles of the Boise Cascade building mounted together (entitled appropriately enough “Boise Cascade”) made me ask how the artist interpreted face to face and it forced me to stop a moment and pause.

The range of artistic mediums is also impressive, showcasing the range of talent and creativity of artists as they interpret the theme. As much as the juried works will make you stop and think, you will be amazed at the execution of mediums from wood to cermaics to paint.

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