365 Days in the Gallery – October 1, 2011

My name is Sal and I'm Oregon's Golden Pioneer. I thought I'd stop by the Bush House Museum to check out Pie-O-Neer Day. And this is my personal assistant, Meaghan (in pink). When she's not carrying me around and getting my double lattes, she's the marketing coordinator at SAA.

Here I am in front of the Bush House Museum. (I'm not prone to immodesty, but I am very handsome, if I do say so.)

While I was at the Museum, I decided to see the exhibit of heirloom utility quilts. Many of them were made from old suiting, recycled blankets, and even sack cloth!

Here I am hangin' with my friend, Asahel. This is the dude who built the Bush House in 1878. Whoa, man, that's a long time ago!

The Bush House is a great place for visitors of all ages, but it seems to bring out the kid in me! Here I am playing hide-and-seek under a bed in the guest room.

After all the activity at the Bush House, I was famished. Luckily, the Bush Barn Art Center sells snacks. Love those granola bars!

Of course, I read yesterday's gallery blog post and couldn't pass up the opportunity to climb into the hole in the floor!

Today, most of our SAA staff was on site to help out with Pie-O-Neer Day at the Bush House Museum. The museum hosted a yummy pie contest, quilt silent auction, kids traditional craft activities and an exhibit of heirloom utility quilts.

As part of the festivities today, the Galleries Program hosted Harriet Fasenfest, author of A Householder’s Guide to the Universe. She talked about pickling, canning and other domestic arts that are currently experiencing a renaissance, especially among a younger demographic that has discovered joy in progressive homemaking and urban farming. Didn’t make it to the author reading? No worries! Harriet’s book is available for purchase in our Gift Gallery here at the Art Center.

All this has been great fun, but the best part was Sal. Sal is the Oregon Pioneer and he sits atop the Capitol Building in all his golden splendor. Travel Salem has organized a promotional initiative called “Our Pal, Sal!” during which Sal makes special appearances all over Salem. We got Sal for the day and took him on a little sightseeing tour of the Bush Barn Art Center and Bush House Museum. Needless to say, he was impressed!

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