365 Days in the Gallery – October 21, 2011

After nearly a year of fund raising and formal approval from the City of Salem, we’re finally ready for new flooring on the first floor! The oak flooring that will grace the Camas, Focus and Gift Galleries has been sustainably harvested from Zena Forest. Thanks go to the Deumling Family for their stewardship of this wonderful piece of land!

As with most great projects, things get a bit messy before they get magnificent. But Jamal Banjar and his crew of flooring installers are real troopers in working within a tight schedule so we can re-open the Art Center in time for the Holiday Gala on Friday, November 4.


SAA intern Spencer Emerick helping to pack up the artwork in the Gift Gallery in preparation for the flooring project

Gallery staff member Jennifer Gimzewski putting Jessica Hills lovely jewelry into safe storage temporarily

It's here! Three tons of oak flooring arrives at the Art Center.

Step one: Pull up the existing flooring. Step two: Put down plywood to stabilize everything.


Step three: The oak flooring goes down. It already looks beautiful and it hasn't even been sanded and varnished yet!



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