365 Days in the Gallery – September 30, 2011

Sara and Catherine look into the abyss

Debbie and Sara in the Hole

First, the good news: After a successful fundraising campaign for upgrades to our Camas Gallery, we now have new track lighting and a newly re-surfaced ceiling. Yay! Now for the hopefully-good-news: Our fundraising will also allow us to replace the tired carpet with new, sustainably harvested white oak flooring from Zena Forest.

The catch: The City of Salem (our landlord) needed to make sure there wasn’t any dry rot in the subfloor before our project could proceed. Enter Jamal, our flooring installer, who cut two holes in the floor so that Cameron, an engineer, could crawl underneath the gallery and check the joists (fun job . . . not).

Now we’re waiting with our fingers crossed for the engineer’s report. If all goes well and there’s no dry rot, we’ll have new flooring in time for the Holiday Showcase! (We’re not going even to think about the other scenario right now.)

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