Artist-in-Residence: Stephanie Lenox

August 1-September 8
The Annex at the Bush Barn Art Center | 600 Mission St. SE Salem

Poet Stephanie Lenox will expose the messy and usually invisible creative process by taking over the Annex at the Bush Barn Art Center with flights of fancy.  She will work on a collection of lyric essays, The Queen of the Birds. By projecting her work-in-progress, brainstorming on giant sticky notes, editing drafts with scissors and tape, and inviting the public to share bits and pieces from their imagination, Stephanie aims to dispel the myth of the inspired writer composing in isolation. During this residency, Stephanie will question the boundary between reality and the world we invent for ourselves. How are we changed by what we believe? Where is the line between invention and truth? Stephanie will host office hours and open writing time for the community during her month-long residency.

Studio Hours

Come visit Stephanie in the Annex Tuesdays-Fridays from 10-11 am.

About the Writer

Stephanie Lenox is the author of two full-length poetry collections, Congress of Strange People and The Business. She is currently co-writing a textbook on short-form creative writing. Since 2007, she has lived in Salem, where she has worked at the Gilbert House Children’s Museum, Willamette University, and Chemeketa Community College.

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