Featured Artist: Maria Winner

May 6-June 24
Reception: Friday, May 5 | 5:30-7:30 pm

Bush Barn Art Center | 600 Mission St. SE Salem

Maria Winner just recently returned from her latest Grand Canyon float trip. Her geologist daughter, Erika, and her shared a raft taking turns at the oars. During the 19 days of gazing at rock walls Erika continuously prattled on about fractures, dikes, upthrusts and such things as intrusions. Meanwhile, Maria viewed the world through the eyes of an artist: she was only seeing lines, textures, shadows and how the color is all about the light. As Maria views her surroundings, she continuously resolves in her head how she would express the scene and its feeling with needle and thread. Maria says: “For the joyful soul, passionate environmentalist, and conqueror of the biggest of rapids that she is, I dedicated this show to my daughter, Erika Winner. May we always view life in our own ways.”

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