Art Workshops

11192016_hockenhull_workshop_020Art workshops and classes take place throughout the year in the Annex. A range of artistic practices are covered, and are taught by established artists. See below for a list of upcoming art workshops and a link to register online.

 If the workshop is canceled by the Salem Art Association due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given. Otherwise, NO refunds are given unless there are special circumstances (please contact the Salem Art Association if you feel this applies: 503-581-2228).

En Plein Air Writing Workshop
Friday, August 25 | 1-4 pm
Instructor: Marilyn Johnston
Age: 11+
Registration: $25

This course is an intensive afternoon of writing designed for youth (age 11 and up) and adventurous adults, regardless of one’s experience in writing.  The class, taught by Marilyn Johnston, is intended to assist in helping to:  gain experience writing from multiple prompts involving art and nature, to learn editing techniques as a way of reviewing their own work.

Students will be expected to bring:

  • Notepad or journal
  • Writing utensil

Flash Fiction Friday Workshop
Friday, September 15 | 4-6 pm
Instructor: Byron James Kimball
Age: 13+
Registration: FREE (Due September 8)

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Flash fiction is all about stores like these and more – complete, total narrative told within 1,000 words or less. Flash Fiction Friday will guide writers of all skill levels through the process of creating, editing, and submitting their very own flash fiction pieces. No materials necessary, but feel free to bring a notebook and pen, laptop, or typewriter.

Solarplate Relief Printmaking Workshop
Saturday-Sunday, September 16-17 | 10 am-4 pm
Instructor: Rebecca Marsh McCannell
Age: 12+
Registration: $110 (Due September 8)
Supply Fee: $35.00 addition to registration

Create hand-drawn and/or photocopied “negatives” which will be exposed onto non-toxic photopolymer Solarplates®, using sunlight. The exposed plates are developed in tap water, hardened in sunlight, then printed using water-based ink.

Students will be expected to bring:

  • Sketch book, drawing pencils and erasers for sketching
  • Apron or something to protect clothes from printing ink
  • Latex dishwashing gloves or disposable nitrile or latex gloves for developing and printing solarplates
  • Thin, smooth printing paper for hand printing: (e.g. Washi papers like Mulberry or Kitakata, Plike, drawing paper, calligraphy paper, copier paper all work fine)
  • Optional: one or two sheets of thicker (250-280 gsm) hot pressed Bristol or 22”x30” printmaking papers if you want to try to print on the press: (e.g. Somerset Satin, Rives BFK, Stonehenge, Arches 88)

Other things that are helpful, if you already have them:

  • Old wooden spoon, small mirror to plan reversal, permanent markers (fine and broad tip) for sketching and reworking transparencies, white China Marker or Liquid correction pens, 5×7” pieces of black construction paper, inking brayer, tracing paper

Instructor Biography: Rebecca Marsh McCannell is a professor of drawing and printmaking at Western Oregon University. She is a proponent of non-toxic printmaking and her prints have been exhibited nationally and in China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. She is an artist member of the LA Printmakers and Print Arts Northwest. She received a MFA from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois.

Intaglio Printmaking: An Introduction to Printmaking
Saturday-Sunday, September 30-October 1 | 10 am-4 pm
Age: All Ages
Instructor: Jo Hockenhull
Registration: $110 (Due September 22)
Supply Fee: $25.00 addition to registration

This weekend workshop will focus on traditional printmaking methods using contemporary materials.  Participants will create drypoint images on acrylic plates to be printed on rag papers. The workshop will introduce basic instruction on how to set up and employ the roller printing presses, which are new to the studio. The workshop is totally non-toxic and geared to all levels of artists.

Students will be expected to bring:
(Students need to put name on those with **)
(All supplies available at The Art Dept., Inc. with a 20% discount for class participants)

  • Four Acrylic plates , 6 3/8” x 8 3/8”
  • Diamond Point scribe**
  • Micro-engraver**
  • Soft brayer, 6” (bring a smaller one also, if you have one)**
  • Printing paper: 2 sheets. BFK Rives (white)—a 22”x30” sheet will give you 4 final prints or 6 proofs.  Plus 1 or more sheets Stonehenge for proofing (comes in white & other colors).
  • AKUA wiping fabric (one package)
  • Newsprint pad 9”x12” or larger**
  • Plastic palette knives.
  • OTHER: pencil, eraser, ruler, old art brushes, apron, roll of paper towels.
  • Bring three or more images (drawings, collages, photos, etc.) to work from. Best if related to plate size (see first bullet point).

Relief Printing: An Introduction to Water-Based Relief Printing
Saturday, October 7 & 14 | 10 am-4 pm
Instructor: Kim W. Fink
Age: All Ages
Registration: $110 (Due September 29)
Supply Fee: $10

This two day workshop will focus on traditional relief printmaking methods combining traditional and contemporary materials. Participants will create one-color and/or blended color images, using a wood matrix and printed on Asian paper. The workshop will introduce basic introduction on how to set up and employ a printing press as well as hand-printing. The workshop incorporates non-toxic material and is geared to all levels of artists.

Students will be expected to bring:

  • Woodcut carving tool set (beginning sets should cost about $12 and price goes up re: tool quality accordingly)
  • Printing Paper
  • One roll of Viva towels
  • Pencil, eraser, ruler, felt-tip pen
  • 4” brayer (optional)
  • Preparatory drawings/photos/ideas for one-color print

Creative Bookmaking
Saturday-Sunday, October 21-22 | 10 am-4 pm
Instructor: Ann Kresge
Age: 18+
Registration: $110 (Due October 13)
Supply Fee: $15

In this two day hands-on workshop students will learn several handmade book forms from the simple to complex.  Topics covered will include sewn bindings, glued bindings, and compound bindings.  From elegant handmade paper Japanese bound books to 3-D tunnel books, students will acquire binding skills while using bookmaking tools and materials.  Many handmade books by artists from around the world will be shared. No experience necessary.

Students will be expected to bring:

Self-healing cutting mat

What’s Your Story: Real or Imagined: Telling Stories through Old Photos
Saturday, October 28 | 9:30 am-4:30 pm
Instructor: Dayna Collins
Age: 14+
Registration: $75 (Due October 20)
Materials fee: $25

Ancestors. We all have them, but do we know their stories. In this class, we’ll build a story based on a black and white photo — real relatives or “adopted” ones. We will create aged backgrounds using paint and stains, then build a collaged vignette using old letters, ephemera, envelopes, lace, tape, trim, string, and a variety of lightweight found objects. Working in a grid, everyone will create a patchwork quilt of stories, which we’ll put together in honor of those who came before us.

All materials are provided including watercolor paper, photographs, ephemera, lightweight found objects, embellishments, and everything needed to create a series of collages.

However, students may bring any of the following if they wish to personalize their pieces:

Black and white photographs of family/friends; the smaller the photos the better

Anecdotes and stories if the person in the photos is known

Ephemera, i.e., letters, envelopes, tickets, tags, brochures, programs, etc., any kind of paper trail

Lightweight personal found objects, i.e., feathers, buttons, pieces of lace or fabric, vintage trims, postage stamps, etc., personal to the person being featured.

Life Drawing
Tuesdays | 6-9 pm
Instructor: Rich McCloud
Registration: $12/Session | $40/Four Sessions

Grab your charcoal, paint or favorite drawing medium and come to the Annex for life drawing. These figure study sessions will take place every Tuesday under the guidance of artist Rich McCloud. Materials for creating work are not provided. Space is first-come, first-served.

Make sure to check out the Salem Life Drawing Facebook page to stay connected.