Past Exhibitions


November 10-December 24
Sponsored by Statesman Journal

Salem artist James Southworth’s latest collection of vibrant pastel paintings focused on the timeless charm of central Italy. Why Tuscany and Umbria? James says, “In each work, I try to express the colors, textures and curvature of this amazing land.  So many contrasts:  the blue skies and seas contrast with the gritty stone work; the myriad of colors of the glass works; the hues at dusk; the graceful archways and domes everywhere we turned.”  A self-taught artist, James finds great inspiration in the space, light, color and abstraction of artists such as Paul Cézanne, Wolf Kahn, Josef Alber, and Johannis Itten.

November 10-December 24
Sponsored by Kraft Custom Construction

The Salem Art Association’s annual Holiday Showcase exhibit is packed full of handcrafted gifts made by regional artisans. Visitors can find traditional art, plus jewelry, ceramic dishware, greeting cards, edible goods, and a whole lot more. Proceeds from sales benefit the artists, and the non-profit, community-enriching programming of the Salem Art Association.

September 9-October 29
Sponsored by CenturyLink

Visual art re-evaluates the familiar, and refreshes our understanding of the world. Using a combination of materials, methods, and concepts that defy definition, contemporary artists speak to the global cultural landscape of identities, values, history, and beliefs. Each artist visually communicates a story, engaging you in a world blurring boundaries between reality and imagination. Curious Worlds presented artistic interpretations of familiar worlds and intriguing alternatives dreamed up by the following artists: Kristina Arnold, Elizabeth Burger, John Cline, Tom Cramer, Anna Fidler, Jim Hockenhull, Jo Hockenhull, Beth Huhtala, Laura Mack, John Oberdorf, Ila Rose, Marilee Salvator, and Tim Timmerman.

September 9-October 29
Sponsored by Salem Health

Tim Jaskoski’s art is composed using original photographs through the process of digital compositing. This technique combines different photographs, or parts of photographs, in layers of a single image. Being able to select diverse photographic elements that appeal to him, and that would not normally appear in a single photograph, provides an extended measure of uniqueness and fun to photography. Tim says, “Using this process has also resulted in my developing a greater awareness of, and appreciation for, details that make up my natural surroundings.”

July 8-August 26
Sponsored by Spirit Mountain Casino

Salem Salon is an exciting, non-juried art exhibition open to both emerging and established artists in Salem and neighboring communities. The exhibit took in the A.N. Bush Gallery, the main exhibition space at the Bush Barn Art Center. Coinciding with the Salem Art Association’s annual Salem Art Fair & Festival, this exhibit will attracted between 15,000-20,000 visitors over the course of two months, making this a high exposure opportunity for local artists.

July 8-August 26
Sponsored by Marion County Environmental Services

Upcycle Fashion was an exhibition showcasing garments created from repurposed, disposable materials. These materials included cardboard, steel/tin, recycled fabric or clothing, aluminum, plastics, paper cartons, chipboard, newspaper, mixed papers (magazines, junk mail, and catalogs), paper bags, and more. This show was a fusion of fashion, sustainability, and resourceful reuse of waste materials to promote visual arts and consumption alternatives.

July 8-August 26
Sponsored by Michele Patterson

James Anello: Impressions showcased pressed plants and highlighted their traditional Native American uses. James Anello, a member of the Siletz tribe, was born and raised in Salem, has a degree in Anthropology from Eastern Oregon University, and has a life-long familiarity with western Oregon’s ecology. James preserves plants using a microwave plant press, which shortens the drying time and locks in the green chlorophyll in the leaves and stems. The results qualify as both scientific specimens and works of art.

July 8-August 26

Viewers stepped back into the 1960s with a showcase of vintage posters and clothing from the personal collection of Gary Westford. Psychedelic, groovy color palettes and styles from San Francisco to New York were on display.

May 6-June 24
Sponsored by CenturyLink

This exhibit explored different approaches to contemporary, abstract art through the work of Julia Bradshaw (photography), Ellen George (sculpture) and Elizabeth Magee (painting). Julia Bradshaw creates topographical landscapes and geometric shapes from source-photographs that refer to the fore-edges and top-edges of paperback books. She utilizes a variety of photographic techniques, from historical darkroom techniques to current computer-based photographic imaging. Ellen George is an American-born first generation Chinese artist. Born on Galveston Island, among her earliest memories are visions of tiny aquatic life, teeming in drops of Gulf water, collected and seen under the microscope in her parent’s laboratory. The movement, clustering, translucency, and shift of scale, of these microscopic animals and plants continue to influence and inform her work to this day. Elizabeth Magee’s paintings exist between culture and nature. By engaging with the histories of painting without strategizing an end game, she can interrogate, choose and reinvent — avoiding a signature style.

May 6-June 24
Sponsored by Grove, Mueller & Swank, P.C.

Julie Jeanseau, a painter from Salem, will be featured a series of art focusing on trees and treehouses. This work stemmed from childhood experiences with these places as areas of refuge and peace, and entrances into her imagination. Using a variety of techniques to explore the emotions associated with creating these pieces, House to Home was a varied exploration of the artist’s painting process.


May 6-June 24
Sponsored by Gilgamesh Brewing

Maria Winner had just recently returned from her latest Grand Canyon float trip. Her geologist daughter, Erika, and her shared a raft taking turns at the oars. During the 19 days of gazing at rock walls Erika continuously prattled on about fractures, dikes, upthrusts and such things as intrusions. Meanwhile, Maria viewed the world through the eyes of an artist: she was only seeing lines, textures, shadows and how the color is all about the light. As Maria viewed her surroundings, she continuously resolved in her head how she would express the scene and its feeling with needle and thread.

March 11-April 22
Sponsored by Maps Credit Union, Salem Sunrise Rotary Club, and the Larry & Jeanette Epping Family Foundation

In its eighth year, the Young Artists’ Showcase (YAS) had grown into a highly anticipated event for K-12 students, teachers, and parents in Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties. The Showcase exhibits the artwork of hundreds of students at the Bush Barn Art Center, which is operated by the Salem Art Association (SAA). In addition to participating schools, SAA accepted hundreds of works of art from individual students in the three-county area.

Image: Miles (Age 9), 2016 Poster Artist Award winner

March 11-April 22
Sponsored by HUT Airport Shuttle

Dale Kurtz’s interest in art began in the 1960s. By the early 1970s a lifelong interest and obsession with watercolor began. Kurtz has a talent for portraying the American landscape with an intimacy that allows the viewer to step into the world through his eyes. This series of watercolors was an ode to one of our country’s greatest treasures: its National Parks. Specifically, Kurtz has documented parks in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California. Dale is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, has been juried into shows at the Coos Art Museum, Emerald Art Center, Umpqua Valley Art Center, and the Arts Center in Corvallis.

March 11-April 22
Sponsored by Statesman Journal

Draw Near featured sculptures by internationally known artist Heidi Preuss Grew. Combining animal and human features, her artwork straddles real and fictional worlds. Preuss Grew seeks to “reveal the vulnerable and pathetic side of the human condition as well as the heroic and beautiful.”

Preuss Grew has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Asia, and Europe. She is a two-time Oregon Arts Commission Artist Fellowship recipient and was honored in 2007 with election into the International Academy of Ceramics. She has participated in international symposia, residencies, and exchanges in the USA, Lithuania, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, and has presented lectures and workshops widely. Heidi Preuss Grew lives in Salem, Oregon and is a faculty member at Chemeketa Community College teaching drawing and sculpture.

Image: Heidi Preuss Grew, Sasquatch Meets the Divine, 2016, porcelain, photo Kelly J. James

January 21-February 26
Sponsored by Santiam Hospital

Salem artist Susan Truebood Stuart has spent her career exploring the Oregon landscape through dynamic and visually powerful watercolor paintings. Her retrospective, titled Susan Trueblood Stuart – Wind, Water, Spirit: 66 Years of Painting, provides an in-depth look at a lifetime practice. Grounded in a deep appreciation for the natural world, Trueblood Stuart’s work builds on the Oregon landscape tradition established by artists such as Carl Hall, Constance Fowler and Nelson Sandgren. Her paintings transcend the pictorial to become highly charged responses to the physical world and its constant change. This exhibition was curated by Jonathan Bucci.

January 21-February 26
Sponsored by Kettle Brand

Of the Body is a group exhibition curated by Cayla Skillin-Brauchle that meditates on physical, social, societal, and personal aspects of the human body. Art in the exhibition spans a variety of media including: video art, drawing, animation, mixed media, and more. All work has been made by current undergraduate Art Majors in the Willamette University Art Department. Exhibiting artists for this exhibition include: Nastja Nykaza, Ant Proctor, Molly Austin, Thea Phillips, Genevieve Lawrence and Clarice Benz.

January 21-February 26

Louis Bunce (1907−1983), one of Oregon’s most significant artists of the mid-twentieth century, conducted much of his career in Portland supplemented by extended stays in New York. But at an important juncture of his career he lived and worked in Salem. He is a notable figure in the history of the Salem Art Association, and his work is included in Salem collections to this day. Bunce’s three works presented in this exhibition were on loan from local collectors on the occasion of the exhibition Louis Bunce: Dialogue with Modernism at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.


November 12-December 24
Sponsored by Salem Electric and Pence NW Construction

Holiday Showcase at the Bush Barn Art Center is the best place in Salem to find unique, handcrafted gifts by regional artisans. Purchases made at Holiday Showcase will be the gift that keeps on giving as proceeds help support the programs of the Salem Art Association, a non-profit arts organization, and the dozens of artists whose wares will be on display. There’s something for everyone: paintings, glass art, ceramics, jewelry, clothing, greeting cards, accessories and more.

November 12-December 24
Sponsored by Willamette University

Trees have been both an inspiration as well as an essential artistic material throughout the history of artistic production. The Nature of Things presents work by artists that use trees through process, material, or image including charcoal drawing, wood-fired ceramics, carved/recycled wood, basketry, and living plants. The exhibition features the work of Oregon-based artists April Coppini, Jeanne Drevas, Amy Fields, Jason Laney, Totem Shriver, Karen White, and a social-practice collaborative project with Jody Dunphy and New York-based guest artist Ruth McKinney Burkett.

Confluence_April-Waters_Bets-ColeCONFLUENCE: APRIL WATERS & BETS COLE
September 24-November 5 | A.N. Bush Gallery | Bush Barn Art Center
Sponsored by Roth’s Fresh Markets

Confluence highlighted two painters’ differing approaches to capturing the beauty of the Oregon landscape and beyond. The waterways of the Willamette Valley and Oregon coast have been a focus for April Waters for more than 20 years—both in terms of her paintings and environmental concerns. Bets Cole primarily works in the plein air tradition, traveling throughout the United States and Europe from her home in Eugene. She is process-oriented in her work, layering with a variety of media—acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pastel and pencil—as she reworks and builds layers to create a sense of history. Both have exhibited widely in the United States and are in several private and public collections. Waters earned a BFA from University of Colorado, Boulder. Cole earned a BS degree from Cornell University in Design and Environmental Analysis and a BFA and MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Oregon. Waters and Cole met while National Park Artists-in-Residence for the Crater Lake Centennial Celebration in 2001.

September 10-October 22 | Focus Gallery | Bush Barn Art Center
Sponsored by Statesman Journal

Window/Mirror presented a series of photographs taken by Salem-based artist Frank Miller during travels to India in 2011. The images capture chance encounters as people work, play and travel through the unfolding narratives of their lives—providing a first-person account of India’s rich culture. For Miller, the photographic process does not produce “true” documents of a place, but rather captures one’s own individual experience as seen through the filter of our identities. Miller described his journey in India as feeling “like a beautiful hurricane of experiences and sensations, as if everything that could happen was taking place simultaneously, in every possible space.”

September 10-October 22 | Camas Gallery | Bush Barn Art Center
Sponsored by Bryn Mawr Vineyards

Plein air painter Anton Pavlenko was born in the Ukraine and immigrated to the United States with his family in 1990. Primarily self-taught, he copied paintings of masters in his youth and took up plein air painting later in life. In his work, Pavlenko strives to capture the essence of the landscape, by trying to work from an intuitive state with effortless and swift strokes. He states, “For me, a good landscape painting is always born outdoors – out there in the elements. I focus less on capturing a visual snapshot and more on a dynamic observation which employs all my senses.” His work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions and is in several private and public collections across the country.

Portland2016_Biennial-of-Contemporary-ArtDISJECTA’S PORTLAND2016 BIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART
July 9-September 18 | A.N. Bush Gallery | Bush Barn Art Center
Sponsored by The Salem Art Association Endowment Foundation

The Bush Barn Art Center was part of a groundbreaking exhibition organized by Disjecta Contemporary Art Center of Portland. The exhibition, titled Portland2016 Biennial of Contemporary Art, presented the work of 34 Oregon artists and artist-teams selected by Chicago-based curator Michelle Grabner. Portland2016 reached into 25 venues around the state including art centers, college galleries, museums and theaters. The Bush Barn hosted Portland-based artists Pat Boas and Michael Lazarus. Boas creates drawings, paintings, digital projects and installation-based work that explore the underlying meanings of language. Michael Lazarus uses a combination of oil and enamel sign paint on wood panel with collaged photographic images and words to create emblematic, op-art paintings.

Radius-25_Forest-for-the-TreesRADIUS 25: FOREST FOR THE TREES
July 9-August 27 | Camas Gallery | Bush Barn Art Center
Sponsored by Santiam Hospital

The Bush Barn Art Center was pleased to present Radius 25: Forest for the Trees which featured the work of artists located within 25 miles of Salem. This year’s tree theme is inspired by Salem’s 40th anniversary of being a Tree City as part of an Arbor Day Foundation program that recognizes cities that have sound urban forestry management practices. In honor of this significant achievement, a portion of sales from the artwork will be given to Friends of Trees, a non-profit that brings people together to care for and plant trees in Salem and throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The exhibition juror is Debra Carus, a metalsmith and jeweler from Clackamas, Oregon. She has a passion for creating storied art jewelry that reflects her love of nature and her Norwegian roots.

May 7-June 25 | A.N. Bush Gallery | Bush Barn Art Center
Sponsored by BMW of Salem

The view of our planet from above is a relatively new perspective. The first known aerial photograph was taken in 1858 in France from a tethered hot-air balloon 260 feet above the ground. Early experiments went on to include mounting cameras to carrier pigeons, kites and short range rockets. Later, the invention of airplanes afforded a gradually wider public a first-hand view from above. With major advancements in satellite and space technology since the mid-20th century—alongside the advent of Google Earth—our view has become increasingly vast and more commonplace.

Yet, the greater the distance, as we move from a horizon-based view and rise above the Earth, the more abstracted our perspective. Natural formations take the form of organic shapes, coexisting with the linear elements of human development. Inspired by these concepts, Michael Boonstra creates invented landscapes that examine our aerial perspective through drawing, photography and mediated experiences with sculptural installations documented for the exhibition.

Boonstra’s work has been exhibited recently at SOIL Gallery in Seattle, Duplex in Portland and Root Division in San Francisco. He has created site-specific projects in Michigan, California and at numerous sites in the Pacific Northwest. Recent awards include a Career Opportunity Grant from the Oregon Arts Commission, project funding from the Ford Family Foundation, and residencies at Playa and the Djerassi Resident Artist Program. Boonstra received his BFA degree from the University of Michigan and his MFA degree from the University of Oregon. He currently teaches at Oregon State University.

May 7-June 25 | Focus Gallery | Bush Barn Art Center
Sponsored by Fattah Family Dentistry

The photographs in Rich Bergeman’s Newly Exposed were created with the most basic homemade camera imaginable—a wooden cigar box with a tiny pinhole on one side and a sheet of film on the other. With it, Bergeman explores the central Oregon coast in search of quiet scenes that most wouldn’t think deserve a second look, but which the pinhole camera can see in a more intimate and dynamic way. Bergeman is particularly drawn to the exposed beaches at extreme minus tide. When the sea recedes far enough, the exposed landscape unfolds a whole new world to explore, a terrain that lies hidden under the waves and out of sight most of the time.  It’s a photographer’s dreamland, where nature inspires imagination.


May 7-June 25 | Camas Gallery | Bush Barn Art Center
Sponsored by PH Tech

Chloe Raymond and Totem Shriver both create abstract woodcarvings. Raymond is highly interested in the juxtaposition created by the use of geometric forms against the organic qualities of the wood. Her current body of work revolves around the theme of time—as in both the conception of an idea, as well as the carving process itself. She is also interested in preserving the individualistic qualities of the wood, finding a balance between the marks she makes and features inherent in the wood.  Raymond currently lives and works in Bend, Oregon. She has a BA degree in Studio Art and Visual Culture from Linfield College. Totem Shriver’s focus is on wanting to provide a beautiful experience and a conduit for thought for his viewers. As he states, his goal is “to provide something simple and beautiful that will last for all time in someone’s mind as a special moment.” Shriver is an adjunct professor who teaches art foundation courses at Linfield College. He also works in other media including drawing, collage and ceramics.

March 11-April 30 | Camas Gallery & Focus Gallery | Bush Barn Art Center
Sponsored by the Larry & Jeannette Epping Family Foundation, Maps Credit Union and Salem Sunrise Rotary Club

Every year since 1965, the Salem Art Association (SAA) has honored the creative expression inherent in our community’s young people by exhibiting their artwork at the Bush Barn Art Center. For the last five years this has taken the form of the Young Artists’ Showcase, featuring the work of kindergarten through 12th grade students from Marion, Polk and Yamhill Counties. In addition to an Community Youth Art Show, several local elementary, middle and high schools, and local youth organizations will participate. Projects completed in the Salem Art Association’s Artists in the Schools (AIS) program will also be featured. AIS provides a hands-on approach to learning in which artists lead creative projects in rural and Title I schools and youth correctional facilities.


March 11-April 23
Sponsored by Collier Law

Nancy Norman is known for her surreal and whimsical paintings of animals and people, as well as her vivid use of color. She works from her imagination and draws inspiration from memories and her emotional response to nature, travel and life experiences to piece together her dream-like worlds. Norman has received numerous regional and international awards, and her paintings are included in collections throughout the United States and abroad. Her work is also featured on several greeting cards, as posters and on wine labels. Raised in California, Nancy studied art at Sacramento State University, College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University. She has lived and worked in Oregon for over a decade.


Yuji Hiratsuka_38 YearsYUJI HIRATSUKA
Curated by Kathryn Cellerini Moore
January 15-February 27, 2016
Sponsored by Wells Fargo

The first retrospective of renowned printmaker Yuji Hiratsuka will be coming to the Bush Barn Art Center in 2016 under the guidance of Guest Curator Kathryn Cellerini Moore. The exhibition, 38 Years, promises to offer a glimpse into the decades-long printmaking practice of Hiratsuka, who was born and raised in Japan. Hiratsuka says that his images “bear a slight resemblance to traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, but also express contemporary aspects of the Western Hemisphere.” This collision of sensibilities results in a vivid color palette portraying imaginative figures that reflect satire, humor, whimsy and the “mismatches that happen often in people’s daily lives.”

Hiratsuka’s unique style and superb quality of chine collé intaglio printmaking has earned him numerous international awards. Since 2010 he has exhibited prints in 13 solo shows across the U.S., as well as Korea, Canada and Northern Ireland. Some of the public collections that include Hiratsuka’s artwork are: The British Museum, Tokyo Central Museum, Panstwowe Museum in Poland, The House of Humor and Satire in Bulgaria, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cleveland Art Museum, Portland Art Museum, New York Public Library, The Library of Congress and The Smithsonian’s Museum of Asian Art.

Click here to view an OPB Art Beat segment featuring Yuji Hiratsuka.

Image: Yuji Hiratsuka, Wings, detail, 2012, Intaglio and Chine Colle, 36″x24″

January 15-February 27, 2016
Sponsored by Salem Art Association Endowment Foundation

Debi Miller, the Salem Art Association’s Emerging Artist for 2016, says, “Behind strength lies fragility. Within fragility lies power.” This paradox is noticeable in her elegant ceramic sculptures which channel the work of mid-20th Century artists Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Miller brings her own sensitivity to the human condition by expressing the fragility that often is hidden by an outward show of strength.

The Emerging Artist program offers developing artists of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity for one-on-one professional development with the Salem Art Association’s Gallery Director, culminating in a gallery exhibition at the Bush Barn Art Center.

Image: Debi Miller, Camouflage, detail

January 15-February 27, 2016
Sponsored by Grove, Mueller & Swank, P.C.

Inspired by places ranging from the Pacific Northwest to the Egyptian desert, Ann Kresge’s large-scale cast paper paintings are unified by a search for “the source.” In images abstractly describing geologic sites, human constructs and natural forms, the artist investigates this theme. Cast paper integrates papermaking and printmaking in that the artist presses paper pulp into a high relief surface. Specifically, Kresge uses molds made from layers of foam core, glues and other textured materials, and then paints the paper casts with dyes, acrylics, gouaches and watercolors.

Ann Kresge is an internationally exhibited artist whose works are in many university, museum and private collections.  Collections include: The National Museum of Women In The Arts, Washington DC, The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Yale University, Vassar College, New York Public Library and the US Library of Congress. She works in a range of media and has a specialty in printmaking and book arts. Her prints and books have been exhibited throughout the US and Europe, Mexico, Japan, India and Hong Kong.  She has been an Artist-In-Residence at Djreassei Resident Artists Program (CA), Mac Dowell Colony (NH) , Artlife Latinoamericano (Mexico City), Atellier17 (Paris) Women’s Studio Workshop (NY), a Library Fellow at National Museum of Women In the Arts (Washington DC) and a Teaching Artist at Sitka Center (OR). Her interart work involves installations, video, stage sets and collaborations with improvisational musicians, poets and dancers. The collaborations have been exhibited and performed in the US, Japan, Mexico, Europe and China. Kresge was born in Wisconsin, has lived in Europe and NY and is currently a resident of Salem, Oregon. She has a BA in Studio Art from Smith College and an MFA in Printmaking and Graphic Design from Pratt Institute.

Image: Ann Kresge, Earth Seed, detail

Viewpoints_Refugee-Crisis_To-Bear-WitnessVIEWPOINTS: REFUGEE CRISIS
January 15-February 27

Barry Shapiro, graphic designer, photographer and teacher has created a series of digital montages in response to the Syrian refugee crisis, titled To Bear Witness. Images of Syrian and Afghan refugees, residents of the Polish ghettoes and prisoners of the Nazi concentration camps were sourced from the internet and composed in layers with Adobe Photoshop. Shapiro says of the work: “In the world of 24 hour round-the-clock news reporting, the Syrian refugee crisis almost seems like a thing of the past. But to the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced, it is in the here and now. The news segments may have ceased, but the images linger.”


November 7-December 24, 2015
Sponsored by Salem Electric with additional support from Valley Credit Union

The Salem Art Association’s Holiday Showcase is the best place in Salem to find unique gifts by regional artisans. Featuring traditional art, jewelry, ornaments, greeting cards and more, there’s something for everyone. Stop by the Bush Barn Art Center, located in Bush’s Pasture Park, to peruse this gift themed exhibition. Gift certificates are also available for the hard-to-please on your list.

Image: Jewelry by Debra Carus

November 7-December 24, 2015
Sponsored by Kraft Custom Construction

Handcrafted for the Holidays is an exhibit and sale of traditionally-inspired functional crafts, handmade gifts and holiday ornaments benefits educational and interpretive programming at the Bush House Museum, a program of the Salem Art Association. Browse a unique array of handcrafted ornaments, jewelry, glass art, textile arts and woodworking by Oregon artisans.

Image: Detail of Handcrafted for the Holidays exhibition, 2014

November 7-December 24, 2015
Sponsored by Atrio Health Plans

The Salem Art Association’s Community Arts Education (CAE) program will host its annual ArtMarket, a fun, contemporary art “shop” featuring crafts and edgy art by regional artists. This year’s artists will be Bonnie Hull, Kathryn Cellerini Moore, Elizabeth McGee, Kristin Kuhns, Eric Tautkus, Elizabeth Bauman, Rosemary Cohen, Ann Kresge, Amy Delgado and Margaret Tomlinson. Sales from this exhibition are split between the artist and CAE, which engages more than 12,000 students, administrators, teachers and parents each year, in addition to providing regional artists with professional development opportunities.

Image: Eric Tautkus, Untitled Graffiti Toy Truck

November 7-December 24, 2015
Sponsored by Redhawk Winery

When James Southworth returned from his trip to Istanbul and the Greek Islands with his wife, Jean, he started work on his latest series of stunning pastel paintings. James’ vibrant colors bring to life the sunshine of the Eastern Mediterranean and transport us to the sunlit hill towns of the Aegean. A dentist by trade, James is also an accomplished artist and a fixture in the regional art scene.

Image: James Southworth, Oia Windmills, detail