Emerging Artist: Aaron Wilson

January 20-February 25
Bush Barn Art Center | 600 Mission St. SE
Sponsored by Roth’s Fresh Markets

Photographer Aaron Wilson is the Salem Art Association’s Emerging Artist for 2018, and is showcasing his work in January and February.


Born and raised in 1990’s Salem Oregon, Aaron took an interest in photography and film in high school which continued to studying film in college. Aaron takes a large amount of his inspiration from his experience in life so far as well as how that shapes his overall world view. Using the versatility of digital photography he is able to have an honest and defined expression of self in his work that he offers others to explore and find themselves in.


Identity as an entire body of work is an examination of the power of perception. Although this work focuses heavily on the potential contrast between perception and reality, it is not the only lens in which Identity aims to explore perception. Internally and externally, defiance and acceptance, honesty and deceit and when those lines begin to blur together are the undertones that are present throughout each piece.

Through digitally exposing multiple pictures together the combination of a person and water come together to complement each other while delivering one succinct message. Using people as the primary subject, the use of water throughout each piece is a representation of the essence of the person. Water is not only powerful enough to erode rock; it is also easily manipulated and controllable. This parallel of versatility is also found in personality, identity and the perception of self. With enough force and time water is able to achieve tremendous things like the erosion of a cliff. Under the right circumstances a person is able to achieve just as impressive of a feat. Like water being poured into and forming the shape of a cup though, a person can also potentially be influenced or manipulated in a similar fashion.


Fine Art Friday (Reception)
Friday, January 19 | 5:30-7:30 pm
Free Admission


Salem Art Association exhibitions are always free and open to the public. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10 am-5 pm, and Saturday-Sunday from Noon-5 pm.

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