Artist-in-Residence: Casey Newman

February 1-15
Bush Barn Art Center | 600 Mission St. SE

During her time as the Salem Art Association’s Artist-in-Residence, Casey Newman plans to experiment with printing leaves onto paper, combining them with natural dyes to add additional layers of color. She also plans to create a fabric piece that incorporates a variety of plants native to Oregon. For both projects, Willamette Valley native plants will be highlighted, using leaves that were gathered in the summer and fall. By using native plants, works created during this AIR will create new ties between the viewer and the place it was created, bringing attention to the beauty of the Willamette Valley.

Casey Newman’s work stems from her love of the outdoors that began as a child growing up in a little house in the big woods of northern California. Through catching salamanders in the creek, climbing trees, and picking berries, she became a keen observer of the natural world. Casey finds beauty in the smallest details – ice covered lichen on a winter branch, the softness of a decomposing cedar stump, a big leaf maple leaf fluttering to the forest floor – and she delights in sharing her curiosity and enthusiasm for nature with others through her work as an artist and educator. Through her art, she creates a unique way to connect with the beauty of nature. She prints leaves onto fabric and paper using only the natural pigments found within each individual leaf. Leaves are used only once and the resulting print shows the specific character of the plant – it tells the story of season, weather, and age. They are reminiscent of botanical drawings and are an invitation to slow down and take a closer look at the textures, patterns and beauty of nature. Her work is centered around northwest native plants and many are born from inspiration she receives through living and working at Cedar Dell Forest Farm, a 4 acre property on the edge of Gresham, OR.


Brown Bag Lunch
Thursday, February 15 | Noon-1 pm
Free Admission


Salem Art Association exhibitions are always free and open to the public. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10 am-5 pm, and Saturday-Sunday from Noon-5 pm. Hours for this exhibition may vary, please call in advance: 503-581-2228.

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