Leonel Cuanas

March 21 – April 11, 2019

This month, the space is turned over to artist Leonel Cuanas, who will be using the studio and exhibition space to explore his most recent and ongoing ideas…

A collection of digitally manipulated photographs that explore an ever evolving futuristic trend of documenting and curating the human experience. Each piece portrays the memory in a fragmented and over saturated composition of the individual perspective. Themes of the collection that echo throughout the series include futurism, nostalgia, the loss of memory and the way a society of the future implements technology to remember the aesthetic values of our essence. 

Leonel Cuanas is a self-taught artist originally from San Andres, Michoacana, Mexico and currently residing in Oregon. A span of artistic work that includes murals involved in the graffiti movement, abstract works on paper, 3D installations, traditional illustration, figurative pieces in acrylic and oil, commercial works for various business, tee shirt designs, album art, promotional merchandise and graphic design.

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