Preserving Oregon’s Artistic Heritage (POAH)

“Partnering with individuals and institutions across the state, the Salem Art Association produced a series of documentaries and an online curriculum that examines how some of the state’s leading artists have gone about their creative lives. The history of Pacific Northwest art is of increasing interest to scholars, critics, collectors, and viewers of all ages. This video series contributes to a widespread effort to document this rich history. It also provides a unique element that exhibitions and books cannot provide: footage of the artists speaking in their own words and demonstrating their artistic processes themselves.”
-Roger Hull | Professor of Art History, Willamette University

Each 40-60 minute film features an individual who has created art in Oregon for a generation. The documentaries explore how living in the Northwest has affected these individuals and how they have affected the culture of the region. The series will interest a variety of audiences including those already interested in Oregon art and history, to general audiences seeking an introduction, and to teachers and students studying the history and culture of the state. To view these films, please click here.

By using POAH as a resource, teachers will find lesson plans and other resources to complement using the films in their classrooms. Lessons have been designed for grades 4-12, but many are adaptable to a wider variety of age levels. The curriculum not only explores the artistic processes presented by the artists but also connects to topics in Science, Math, Social Studies and Language Arts.

Artist & Curriculum:

Rick Bartow
Betty LaDuke

Jack McLarty
Leroy Setziol

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