The Zine Show feat. Artwork by Miranda Abrams & Eilish Gormley

The Zine Show: June 11-July 10, 2019
Exhibition Reception: July 5, 2019 | 5:30-7:30 PM

This exhibition presents zines from across Oregon covering a wide range of topics. The exhibition includes (1) a hands-on zine making space, (2) a newly formed zine library composed of the submissions for the exhibition, which will be permanently housed on the Annex landing after the exhibition, (3) zines on pedestals (these may be rotated or changed throughout), and (4) zines available for the community to take away. The Zine Show also features artwork by Miranda Abrams and Eilish Gormley, both local to Salem.

SAA welcomes all artists making original zines to participate and invites multi-media artworks, and artists and writers who identify as immigrants, refugees, disabled, LGBTQ+, people of color, veterans and/or rural artists are strongly encouraged. Please come visit, stay a while, sit and read, engage in the zine-making area and leave us a copy of your newly made zine!

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