Permanent Collection

The Salem Art Association Gallery Permanent Collection includes paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramics by some of the region’s leading artists whose names are important to the history of art in the Willamette Valley and the Pacific Northwest. The collection has been gradually expanded through purchases by the SAA Gallery Guides and through donations from the public.

Below, you’ll find works from our permanent collection. The artwork on this page features different selections from our permanent collection and offers new opportunities to learn about art history in the mid-Willamette Valley region.

Silent Dreamer
Betty LaDuke
Acrylic on Canvas
Circa 1968
49 ½” x41”
Gift of the Artist

Isaac Nommo
Mixed Media on Burlap
Circa 1970
36 ¼” x 30 ¼”
Gift of Maureen Lang, Gallery Guide

Self Portrait
Helen Blumenstiel
Circa 1945
Oil on Canvas
24 ½” x 17”
Gift of Karen Runkle

Karla in the Spotlight
Myra Albert Wiggins
Oil on Canvas Board
Circa 1945
29 ¾” x24 ½”
Gift of Myra Albert Wiggins Estate

Willamette Edge
April Waters
Acrylic on Canvas
Circa 2003
19 ½” x 25”
Gift of Anonymous

Self Portrait
Jack McLarty
Oil on Canvas
Circa 1944
16 ½” x 13 ¾”
Gift of Jack and Barbara McLarty

Dee Rundall
Acrylic on Canvas
Circa 1980
23 ¾” x 23 ¾”
Gift of David Cross

Jeanne Moment
Ink on Paper
Circa 1964
26” x 19 ¼”
Gift of Sam Moment

Study of Peaches with Bottle
Nancy Lindburg
Oil on canvas
Circa 2005
12” x 12”
Purchased by Gallery Guides in 2008