Artist in Residence | Katie Gilmour

Artist in Residence | Katie Gilmour

This Changes Everything (This Changes Nothing)
July, 1 – 15 2021

I am juggling three different processes at the moment; collage, watercolor drawings, and cut-wood pieces that I call my “Wall Drawings.” With all I like to play around with silhouetting, patterning, geometric design qualities and symmetry. The recognizable characters of my current work often include insects, flowers, and birds, and the designs also play with negative space as an emotive quality. You may assume when looking at my work that entomology, ornithology, and botany are of interest to me, because I appropriate a lot of that arrangement style in my compositions. This is true. However, in full disclosure, I mostly consider the collective outcome of these studies and the corresponding physical collection or presentation without much curiosity towards any scientific findings.  

What I am mostly interested in is what do scientific collections communicate regarding the nature of “the collector” and the evolving identity of a subject? Rather than paying much attention to the subjects themselves as research, I am intrigued by how the individual who was studying them gathers, sorts, and presents their visual research to an audience.  And also how the identity of the subjects seem to change when they are removed from their natural environment and placed into sterile environments devoid of the clutter of habitat. The storytelling nature of this reconstruction of meaning is intriguing to me.  I am excited to explore more of these ideas during my residency at the Bush Barn Annex.  Feel free to pop by to visit and chat any time I am working.  

Bio: I was born in 1979 in the midwest, in central Wisconsin, and then moved to Arizona for my middle and high school years.  I relocated to Oregon for college and have mostly lived there since.  Currently (and forever, I hope) I live on a seed farm just south of Salem, Oregon, and I teach art at a local public high school in addition to being a visual artist.  

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The Salem Art Association is offering several categories as part of the 2024 Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program in the Annex at the Bush Barn Art Center. This residency offers a dedicated studio space for artist(s) to experiment and create new work.

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About: Artist-in-Residence (AIR)

The Salem Art Association’s Community Arts Education program hosts an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program in the Annex. This program aims to serve artists by providing a flexible space for artistic development and experimentation.

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AIR studio space is located in the Annex at the Bush Barn Art Center. Completely renovated in 2016, the studio is geared primarily toward printmaking but can accommodate artists working in a variety of media. Separated from the studio by two, large sliding doors (which can be left open to encourage public interaction while working), is a large gallery which is made available for the AIR to display their process and/or finished work, or host workshops, lectures, etc.

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Please feel free to contact Kathleen Dinges Rice, Artists Resources and Outreach Director, at anytime with questions. She can be reached at 503-581-2228 x312 or

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