Expanding Horizons: Art as the Key to Awakened Consciousness | SAMUEL S. HOSKINS

AUGUST 4 – 6 & August 19 – 27, 2023 | ANNEX


These paintings showcase surreal landscapes, reminiscent of nature yet deliberately created with intention and infused with depth. Every element, from rocks to trees, is thoughtfully positioned to narrate stories and guide the viewer’s gaze. The carefully constructed scenery mirrors the immersive life I lead, one filled with purpose and significance.

Similar to recalling significant details from a dream, the objects within this dreamlike realm carry profound symbolism. Each character embarks on a quest for something meaningful, venturing into the realm of dreams to uncover truths or reach a destination. Bathed in divine light and free from harsh shadows or backlighting, they represent the inherent divinity within every individual.

“In Sterquilinis Invenitur,” the alchemical axiom meaning “In filth it will be found,” encapsulates the transformative power of even the most basic elements. It exemplifies how pigments, essentially dirt, and oil can embody lofty ideals. This juxtaposition of beauty, significance, and exploration gives birth to new realms. It is my hope that within each microcosm, the depicted imagery sparks something within you, whether or not you can consciously express the insights gained.

In an era characterized by fleeting attention spans and diminishing focus, paintings defy this transience with their contemplative nature. They are meticulously crafted as instruments for contemplation, adoration, or meditation, transcending immediate gratification. If a painting captures your attention, I encourage you to allow it to communicate with you. Engage in a profound dialogue with your unconscious mind, using the artwork as a vessel for communication. It is within these transformative moments that paintings surpass their status as mere images and become potent conduits infused with genuine meaning and transformative power.

About the Artist

As a graduate of The Florence Academy of Art and a devoted oil painter, I am enthralled by the profound interplay of creation and transformation within the physical world. Through the alchemical processes of boiling, mulling, and filtering raw materials, I unlock the latent potential within humble substances like dirt and oil, elevating them to a higher dimension as vibrant oil paint. This intimate connection with the materials fosters a deep understanding of their interconnectedness and their integral role in the artistic process. Just like the oil in the oil painting, I do not perceive myself as an isolated individual striving for mere self-expression; rather, I see myself as a humble node interwoven within the grand tapestry that connects us all together.

Through my encounters with dreams, visions, and imagination, I harness the power of art as a bridge between the rational and irrational facets of the human mind. Remaining strictly within the realm of reason can lead to a myopic, materialistic perspective that dismisses the profound experiences that lie beyond. Conversely, surrendering solely to the irrational can thrust us into an unsustainable, fractured reality. By navigating the delicate balance between the two, the painter assumes the role of an archetypal shaman.

As humans, we navigate and make sense of the world through various visual tools such as edge detection, value, color, perspective, and proportion. Being a dedicated painter, I diligently hone my skills in mastering these biological and intellectual instruments. However, my ultimate goal extends beyond technical proficiency. I aspire to infuse my paintings with profound insights drawn from the depths of the unconscious. It is my deepest desire to create works that surpass the confines of my conscious awareness, where deeper meanings reveal themselves through contemplation and dialogue, transcending the limitations of my individual understanding.