“Tiempo – Cycles”

 Cosmos • Negative Zero • Healing 

Works by V. Falcón Vázquez, Pedro World Citizen & Roberto Orán 

March 16 – April 21, 2021

“Tiempo – Cycles” is the revelation of what time means for each of us. We believe it is a human construct that we all share and interpret differently according to our beliefs, cultures, calendars, seasons, history, and personal experiences. This project challenges us to reflect on the truth that what is true for you, might not be true for another. 

We invite you in this experimental journey in which we aim to bridge the gap between different world-views via Music, Art, and Poetry. Our intention is one of creating a vision for healing, unity and new beginnings within our own perspective of “Tiempo – Cycles” for past, present and future generations. 

About the Artists

V. Falcón Vázquez 


Woman, Mother, Artist, Activist, Healer 

Falcón Vázquez is a contemporary poet shedding light on social, cultural and gender issues through the awareness of self. Integrating body, mind, and spirit she allows the audience to become aware of their own identities and realities in shifting the perspective that even though we go through our own stories, we are not alone. In her work she has created a fusion of different writing styles giving a unique life to each poem, challenging the norms of poetry and many times preferring to write in free verse, venturing out to experience an abstract truth. 

By creating space for magical realism, healing verses, and raw emotions, Falcón Vázquez has discovered poetry as a medicine for the heart and soul.

Pedro World Citizen 


Pedro identifies as a World Citizen in traveling to 34 countries, spanning 4 continents. In his journey he has managed to gather a broad perspective of differing and competing Global Belief Systems. 

From an early age, Pedro experienced the world in a way that led him to have his own language and learned to use music as a way of communicating and expressing his emotions. He now shares and incorporates different continent world-views sharing our unity in coexistence through the power of music. 

Currently, he is expanding his ongoing Thesis on Negative Zero and the idea that it can shape and influence our World Consciousness. 

Roberto Orán 


Roberto Orán was born in a small village in the southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico. In early education, he was exposed to murals crafted by famous Mexican artists. This exposure inspired him to pursue the life of an artist. Over the years this has included experimentation with clay, luminescent paint, acrylic painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpting, and murals within abstract and realism. 

Oran’s first masterpieces were never transcribed on paper or canvas, due to financial hardships, only in his imagination. These circumstances influenced him to organize projects to help provide art and education for low-income children. He currently continues opening doors for others and sharing the stage in showcasing world diversity. 

Presently, Orán is exploring within the Cosmos of a new brush stroke technique, designing the Orán’s signature that transcends in color and light.

Poetry | Art Collaboration with Mid Valley Poet Society

The Salem Art Association (SAA), in cooperation with the Mid-Valley Poetry Society (MVPS), is working with seven pairs/groups of poets and visual artists and musicians to create collaborative works in residencies at the SAA Annex and other locations, to share their process with the public during their residency, and to display the work created in a 2022 exhibition at the Annex.

When poetry and visual art truly merge, the poetry component and the visual component co-evolve. This collaborative residency program hopes to facilitate such co-evolution, as well as to share the process with our community.

Participating artists are Vicki Falcon Vasquez, Pedro Careagas, Roberto Oran, Ann Kresge, Eleanor Berry, James R. Merrill, Mark Jansen, Cynthia Herron, Marilyn Johnston, Ada Molinoff, Marilynn Maltz, Ann Altman, Jade Rosina McCutcheon, John Van Dreal, Chad Russell.

Projects include poetry and art mediums including printmaking, mosaic, oils, storyboarding, fabric and music, exploring concepts ranging from the water table, healing, unity and time. Virtual sharing will happen by each pair/group during 2021. Other tentacles of this project include/d YOU’RE A GENIUS ALL THE TIME: Poetry, Memories, and Short-short Stories from Your Inner Truth, a five week Winter zoom workshop with James R. Merrill as well as the upcoming workshop with Marilyn Johnston, on site Artist in Residencies, poetry/artwork created for sale, live performances and much more. Stay tuned.

About: Artist-in-Residence (AIR)

The Salem Art Association’s Community Arts Education program hosts an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program in the Annex. This program aims to serve artists by providing a flexible space for artistic development and experimentation.


AIR studio space is located in the Annex at the Bush Barn Art Center. Completely renovated in 2016, the studio is geared primarily toward printmaking but can accommodate artists working in a variety of media. Separated from the studio by two, large sliding doors (which can be left open to encourage public interaction while working), is a large gallery which is made available for the AIR to display their process and/or finished work, or host workshops, lectures, etc.


Please feel free to contact Kathleen Dinges Rice, Community Arts Education Director, at anytime with questions. She can be reached at 503-581-2228 x312 or kathleen@SalemArt.org.

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