ART TEACHERS | after hours

ART TEACHERS | after hours

MARCH 1-31, 2024

“I believe that it is important that art teachers also make art.  It is a vulnerable but glorious pursuit, and since we are asking our students to partake in the journey, it is only fair that we go along with them.  

The freedom to MAKE ART is something no one can take from you.  Although it is nice to have fancy supplies, you can make art anywhere and with anything, and bring into the world something that COULD NOT EXIST without your effort.  We teach our students how to interact with supplies and ideas on a personal level to create visual representations of complex ideas and feelings in hopes that they too will become artists for life.  Art Making can join anyone on their life’s journey, it isn’t just for those able to commit to a full time artist lifestyle.  We are proud to champion that idea as ARTIST EDUCATORS, still making art!

When visiting the show, expect to see all sorts of media and all sorts of subjects as well as voices from all walks of life. We are connected by our dedication to teaching the children in our community about (and how to create) art, and also by our commitment to art making as an enriching lifelong practice.” 

– Curator Katie Gilmour

Katie Gilmour

Darin Schmidt
Shoki Tanabe
Lacey Curlin
Michelle Dickson
Cura Hartnett
Emily Maddy
Jesus Santillanes
Autumn Breitwieser
Chelsea Tradewell
Jennifer Loop
Katie Gilmour
Tara Nunemaker
Susan Lowery
Allie Esperanza
Alycia Helbling
Dave Pluister
Leona Hall
Ronda Couch
Kimberly Vu
Melissa Hawes