Artist in Residence Katy Vigeland

I am so excited for this month-long residency at the Salem Art Association annex. At home, I have a studio that is a shared space with many file boxes, garden tools, bikes, washer dryer, recycling, etc. I am grateful for my art table where I create smaller art and work in my sketchbooks. However, I am looking forward to the luxury of having a large uncluttered space to spread out in. As well as uninterrupted time to paint and ponder my next layers. My intent is to work on some larger pieces. Continuing on some ideas that have been germinating for some time. 

Artist Statement

My creative process involves applying layers of paint, ink, papers, and pencil. I react to each layer then decide what it needs next. The elements of design are always in the back of my mind, creating a strong composition through the balance of line, shape, and color. However, my decisions are more of an intuitive flow than an intentional, conscious thought. I enjoy using polar concepts; transparent and opaque colors, soft and hard edges, thick and thin lines. 


I am primarily an abstract artist, however I keep a sketchbook in which I render more realistic drawings. I experiment a lot which can be exciting and frustrating as not everything works out. I have learned over time that the important thing for me is just to keep going and the paintings will resolve themselves. As in anything, experience builds on experience. 

I love the feeling of getting in the zone. All sense of time and space is suspended. I work alone but will often get together with other artists. We each work on our own art but will sometimes seek an opinion along the way.

About: Artist-in-Residence (AIR)

The Salem Art Association’s Community Arts Education program hosts an Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program in the Annex. This program aims to serve artists by providing a flexible space for artistic development and experimentation.


AIR studio space is located in the Annex at the Bush Barn Art Center. Completely renovated in 2016, the studio is geared primarily toward printmaking but can accommodate artists working in a variety of media. Separated from the studio by two, large sliding doors (which can be left open to encourage public interaction while working), is a large gallery which is made available for the AIR to display their process and/or finished work, or host workshops, lectures, etc.


Please feel free to contact Kathleen Dinges Rice, Community Arts Education Director, at anytime with questions. She can be reached at 503-581-2228 x312 or

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