Eric Tautkus: Dementia’s Memoirs

March 3 – April 5, 2020

Graffiti artist Eric Tautkus explores dementia, memory loss, and the brain in his latest exhibition.

Featured Image: “Pixelated Portrait”

artist statement

The idea that your brain has its own brain that harbors images and thoughts to be used for your influence but not of your knowledge that these ideas and things exist… people who suffer from dementia or memory loss don’t get to select what they remember, instead this back log of thoughts and memories runs the show… maybe if you take the bigger picture out of the equation you can harness those particular “memoirs”


Capturing the “moment” … the only part that matters is that moment in that moment … and to capture that feeling that someone may have felt or to possess a piece of that moment in time life history or to see into the exact moment the clarity hit or laugh was the hardest or frustration hit… taking the finished product out of painting and instead only admiring the process and the things in the moment going into the creation of the piece itself..