Poetry | Art Collaboration with Mid Valley Poet Society

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Poetry | Art Collaboration with Mid Valley Poet Society

The Salem Art Association (SAA), in cooperation with the Mid-Valley Poetry Society (MVPS), is working with pairs of poets and visual artists to create collaborative works in residencies at the SAA Annex, to share their process with the public during their residency, and to display the work created in a 2021 exhibit at the Annex. When poetry and visual art truly merge, the poetry component and the visual component co-evolve. This collaborative residency program hopes to facilitate such co-evolution, as well as to share the process with our community.  Stay tuned!

Past Summer and fall stroll by exhibit

Mid Valley Poet Society

Eight poets share their work in the west facing windows of SAA.

Eleanor Berry, Michael Wynn, Anita Sullivan, Robin Oakman, Joy McDowell, Jace e Lorts, Rayn Roberts and Marilyn Johnston.

The Stroll By Exhibit Series’ is located in the windows and doors of SAA’s Bush Barn Art Center and Annex to activate our location while we are closed to the public.