Summer Heat | Represented Artists


RECEPTION JUne 10, FROM 5:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.

Summer Heat is an exhibition of work by the represented artists of Salem Art Association’s Bush Barn Art Center. Our very talented represented artists, working in a variety of styles and mediums, were asked to create work that epitomizes the hot, lazy, bright days of summer. These are a selection of the many responses we received from our talented artists. To see more, get out of the heat of summer and come into the cool spaces in the Bush Barn Art Center!

  • Rebecca Arthur
  • Cynthia Carino
  • Bets Cole
  • Nancy Eng
  • Lucy Hewitt
  • Jan Jaskoski
  • Tim Jaskoski
  • Molly Reeves
  • Debbie Robinson
  • Eryn Tehan
  • Diane Trevett
  • Deanna White

Artists’ Statements

Nancy Eng

These pieces were inspired by the beautiful surroundings in the Willamette Valley. Each piece was created using recent handmade collage papers, Yupo paper, transparent and opaque acrylic layers. I am captivated by the act of creating and the unpredictability of where each painting will take me.

Jan Jaskoski

The artwork I will be presenting depicts animals.

The inspiration for two of the pieces came from gardening in my yard where birds and butterflies visit. One day I saw a swallowtail butterfly with only one antenna, a moth, a monarch butterfly, birds, a caterpillar and a cocoon. On another day I saw a meadowlark, violet-green backed swallow, bluebirds and a wood duck. I painted them surrounded by shapes and flowers from the garden. The work with all red animals was inspired by a red fox I saw in Glacier National Park. They are all just improvised images that retell a storyline from my thoughts.

I drew the images on Arches watercolor paper and then painted them with tempera paints using acrylic brushes. The paintings are then photographed and professionally printed with protective coating on archival paper.

Tim Jaskoski

In Summer and Spring Meadows I selected elements related to the seasons such as flowers, flower petals and leaves to make composite photos that would capture moods of those warm, colorful times. Parts of some elements show through others or emerge from behind, creating a synthesis of images celebrating my favorite seasons.

Molly Reeves

I have been enchanted flowers in the landscape of the Pacific
Northwest since childhood. I thought that seeing flowers in the forests,
parks and yards was something ordinary. During the Covid “Quiet
Time” I learned about Floriography (the language of flowers) for the
Victorians, Native Americans and Ancient Greeks. I combined this with
my skills writing in colors and shapes. This allowed me to share my
interpretations of the treasures offered to us so generously by nature.
Revealing some of this miracle that takes place every moment of every
hour, in every season, offering a wealth of images and messages for
people to take into their homes.

Debbie Robinson

These hot little summer florals were created with the intent to make “Bold” loose marks with “Bright” hues, to achieve “Vivid” expressive works. Created as a warm up exercise to loosen up, I found inspiration beyond that, and view them with new eyes each time I visit them. Fresh picked colorful Zinnias and Golden Rudbeckia from my garden were the reference for these soft pastel paintings.

Deanna White

While reminiscing over old family photos, I decided to refresh my old memories with new ones. I used a collage technique combined with photos of my great Aunt, Grandmother and myself at a tender age to create a 

current composite work of art.