TEDx Artist: Danielle Baca

December 8, 2019 – January 4, 2020

The TEDxSalem AIR program aims to connect with the community through public art. Each year, TEDxSalem provides support for an artist to create a stage installation that will help set the tone for the event, communicate the event theme, and convey an ‘idea worth spreading.’ The artist will present a TEDx talk on stage at the annual event during the year of their exhibit. It is the hope that through this program, we can connect ideas, innovation and community through art. Learn more at www.tedxsalem.us.

“A lifelong Salemite, Danielle is humble, dedicated and creative. She’s passionate about her career as a tattoo artist, helping make a lasting impact on the lives of her clients through collaboration. She’s eager to be involved in the community, contributing countless hours to helping wherever she can, doing whatever is needed. She’s dedicated to Salem with a sincere interest in encouraging people to create art and cultivate connection in our city.”

-Excerpt by Carlee Wright from Press Play Magazine, February/March 2019