Welcome To Salem Virtual Art Fair & Festival!


As Salem Art Association celebrates the end of our first ever Virtual Art Fair, the Board of Directors wishes to take a moment to express our gratitude to our staff and leadership. In addition to the financial and programmatic challenges caused by the pandemic, we have also experienced turnover in a number of staff positions. While these changes can be difficult, we want to laud our Executive Director for her leadership, her ongoing consultation with members of the board, and her commitment to following all appropriate policies and procedures. The success of our Virtual Art Fair is a tribute to our organizational strength and our commitment to support art and artists in our community.

71st Annual Salem Art Fair & Festival gone virtual. July 18 – 19, 2020. Missing Art Fair? Click here to visit the archived event

GREAT NEWS! The Salem Art Fair is going VIRTUAL!
JULY 18 AND 19, 2020

The Salem Art Fair and Festival has been held each summer since 1949. Therefore we are determined to raise the flag once more, despite the challenges of the moment. This is being done as a community service to honor the idea of community resilience, but also to support artists at a particularly difficult time.

The sector of Art Fair artists make their annual livelihood by travelling around the country during the art fair season (spring to fall). They are devastated by the complete cancellation of their livelihoods due to the pandemic and so, while we honor a proud Salem tradition, we hope that you will support our community of artists by visiting them over July 18 and 19.